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Carole Feuerman - Hyperrealism Artist

Carole Feuerman Artist Headshot
Carole Feuerman Hyperrealism Artist

Carole Feuerman is a hyperrealism artist whose sculptures of the human figure are so lifelike that they seem to breathe. Feuerman's work is often inspired by experiences that are familiar to her, both physically and emotionally. She is known for her sculptures of swimmers which often involve figures that convey a sense of suspended motion.

Live Model 3D Scanning Kenz Lawren
3D Scanning Model

The process of producing each of Feuerman's sculptures is quite complex and time-consuming, taking up to six months to complete. Feuerman's artwork typically involves casting the figure in plaster, creating resin copies, 3D scanning, resizing, adding intricate details, and painting the sculpture to look like real human skin. The sculpture begins with casting the live model posed in her studio to tell a story. Many times, Feuerman will sculpt most of the art and only cast the hands and face. The sculpture does not have real clothing or accessories, Feuerman sculpts and paints them to look real. She also paints the skin tone and adds details like water drops, eyelashes, and hair wisps. only through intense observation and attention to detail can she capture the emotion and expression of the subject.

Carole Feuerman Working On Her Sculpture
Carole Feuerman Working On Her Sculpture

In 2007, Feuerman started using 3D scanning to make her sculptures smaller or larger. Since then, Feuerman has seen the benefits of using 3D scanning in her creative process, as it helps to save time. However, she notes that the process is not a substitute for hand sculpting, as details are lost in the resizing process. Feuerman balances the technical aspects of creating a hyper-realistic sculpture with the artistic aspects, such as capturing the emotion and expression of the subject, by using z-brush to work on the STL file, making a rapid prototype, and then re-sculpting and putting the details back in.

For other artists who are interested in using 3D scanning technology in their work, Feuerman suggests finding someone they feel comfortable working with and being prepared to do a lot of hand sculpting and notes that the process can be a great help for saving time in the creation process.

Carole Feuerman's artwork is a testament to the possibilities that 3D scanning and printing technology offer to the art world. With the help of iMakr Studio and other 3D printing, scanning, and design companies, artists can now create more efficiently than ever before. The use of 3D scanning technology allows artists to save time, but it also requires a keen eye for detail and a dedication to the art form that can never be replaced by technology alone.

To see more of Carole Feuerman's work visit her website:

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