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Krista Dragomer + Punto Ottico Human Eyes

Eyeglass and Art Display Shelves Punto Ottico
Punto Ottico Gallery

There are a million different ways to use 3D printing, the possibilities are practically endless. At iMakr Studio we get a wide variety of people who have very captivating ideas. Brooklyn based artist Krista Dragomer came to us to help her bring her vision into reality.

Krista Dragomer came to see how she could use 3D printing for a collaboration she was doing with Punto Ottico Gallery for an exhibit called Human Eyes. The Italian eyewear company has two stores in NYC. She brought us her model of the front plane of her sculptures, which we scanned to create a 3D version that was then printed into multiple pieces. While working with us we came up with the idea to make the pieces hollow to maximize transparency so light could shine though, Krista then incorporated this into her design and concept. Krista used these printed forms as a base to create individual sculptural pieces with a multi-layered surface treatment involving paint and paper pulp pigmented to work cohesively with Punto Ottico’s eyewear collection.

Here are a few words from Krista about her experience with us, “Working with iMakr was the perfect intersection of practical problem solving and creative brainstorming. The ways in which the team welcomed me into the studio and process gave me new tools to think about art fabrication and production.”

3D printing isn’t just for big companies that need thousands of pieces, we are happy to work with both big and small artists on exciting ideas. This was Krista’s first experience with 3D printing and she is already thinking about new projects she can use 3D printing for. We are excited to see what she comes up with next!

To read more about this project visit Krista Dragomer's website:


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